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hello world.

My name is Maria Eugênia. I’m Luisa’s mother, earthling, passionate about art, design and nature, PhD student in philosophy, ethics researcher and animal rights activist. This is my personal blog, where I share the ways I found of making life enjoyable. I believe that there are many ways to make the world a good place for everyone. Recent studies on human impact on the planet show us that veganism is a more just, empathic and sustainable alternative than the actual ocidental way of life (check it out here, here and here). Showing to people that a new world is possible includes making vegan speech meaningful to them. The kitchen brings people together; it is one of the places where the discourse of compassion becomes real

The aim of this blog is a file of findings on gastronomy and vegan lifestyle which means not only a plant-based diet but also cruelty-free. Some years ago, since I decided to embrace a lifestyle that doesn’t engage in animal exploitation I’ve realised that people were wondering whether it’s possible plant-based food to be tasty. As I’ve found in the kitchen that it is not only possible but essential that we are capable of redesigning our tastes (yes, taste is cultural and so, perfectly changeable), I decided to launch this blog. Since then, I have discovered new ingredients, spices and flavours, and strengthened my connection with nature. My blueberryfinds is a diary of my main occupations in terms of (food &) creative expression. Here, I intend to share the result of my curiosity on how to make life sweet.

All images posted are my own and are under Creative Commons license. When using, please do not forget to credit. Doubts, suggestions or any other kind of subject can be registered here (: just fill the form bellow with your data. You can also send an email to I appreciate your contact and I will answer you soon as possible.