If you like a lot of mayonnaise but in your city you just find the soy based ones, this recipe is perfect for you. It takes sunflowerseeds – a healthier alternative to soy and not so expansive as cashews. Its perfect to eat with salads, roasted vegetables and also to cover your risotto.

The recipe is so simple as follows.
In a blender add half a cup of seeds with 1 cup of warm water and beat for 5 minutes or until homogeneous. Add the juice of half a lemon, half cup of olive oil, salt, seasonings and a handful of spinach. Your mayonnaise will have a texture similar to this:

Let it in the fridge 03 hours to get consistency. If want to make a cream “cheese” version, just add some nutritional yeast (and let it off the fridge for at least one hour). I hope you guys enjoy it.